The Impediments Backlog

When developing a product or service there will always be a steady stream of challenges which have the potential to impede the Scrum team's performance and delivery of the product or service being developed. These challenges should be recorded and prioritised on the Impediments Backlog and then the Scrum Master should step up to the plate and work to remove the highest priority impediment as quickly as possible. 

Unfortunately the Impediments Backlog is often overlooked and not given the attention required to help the Scrum team succeed. A Scrum Master should be doing everything in their power to ensure nothing is stopping the team from achieving their Sprint Goal once the Sprint is in progress there is nothing more important for the Scrum Master to be doing than removing impediments from the Impediments Backlog. 


The best place to gather impediments is the Daily Scrum / Daily Stand Up meeting - just record the impediments in the Impediments Backlog as the team reveal them and go after detail after the meeting. 


Once you have enough information about each impediment you must prioritise them in relation to any existing impediments.


To ensure everyone is aware of the problems and challenges facing the team the impediments backlog should be available to at least the team and the product owner but even better all project stakeholders.


Once everything is recorded and prioritised it is time for the Scrum Master to step into character and take the highest priority impediment from the Impediments Backlog and do everything to remove the problem so the team can get on with achieving the Sprint's goal.


Once the impediment has been removed remember to inform all those involved and update the Impediments Backlog.

Then do it all again for the next impediment on the Impediments Backlog


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