The Scrum Board

The Scrum Task Board is a central component to daily life for the Scrum Team and is used to track the Scrum Teams progress throughout the Sprint and is the gathering point for the daily Scrum meeting.

Physical or Electronic Scrum Board

Why do we prefer physical Scrum boards?  

A physical Scrum board It gives a central place for the team and project stakeholders to gather and allows the team's progress to be made visible to anyone interested. Having a physical Scrum board allows Scrum team members to move task cards and stories during the Daily Stand-up/Daily Scrum and hold mini celebrations for their achievements.

It is a great information radiator and it can be a place where the team can have fun, be creative and build an identity by adding their own unique look and feel to the Scrum board.
Maintaining the Scrum board can be pretty on paper so it is a good idea to find ways to produce task cards in an environmentally responsible way.

Prefer electronic Scrum boards?

Sometimes it is more benefical to have an electronic Scrum board, this could be very relevant in a distributed Scrum team.

If you want to see how electronic Scrum Task Boards work then take a look at the following products: 


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