Adding an application to the Sitecore client (vers Sitecore 6 and 7)

Using web forms

  • Login to the Sitecore client
  • Switch to the core database
  • Create a new layout for your application, for example /sitecore/layout/Layouts/SomeCoolApplication/SomeCoolApplicationLayout
  • Create an application item under Applications, for example /sitecore/content/Applications/SomeCoolApplication
  • Assign the layout to the application item
  • Create a short-cut to the application for example under /sitecore/content/Documents and settings/All users/Start menu/Programs/SomeCoolApplication
  • Link to the application
  • Switch to raw view and remove the id parameter and add a parameter url with the path to your application (without aspx ) for example <link text="" linktype="internal" class="" title=""  querystring="" url="/Applications/SomeCoolApplication" />


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