Sitecore CMS

CoreWorks has experience with Sitecore from spanning almost ten years. From small single Sitecore installations to large high traffic sites running in a multi-server web farm environment, we have met the challenges head on and enjoy ever minuet of it. Over the years we have learned a great deal from both our own and our customers experiences and challenges. This allows to offer solid and reliable solutions to our customers using Sitecore as a platform for their on-line business needs.


Need help trying to figure out where to start with your Sitecore, how many servers you will need, how do you integrate with other systems, which type of license should you buy. We can help you choose the right ingredients to build a successful stable put the foundation for your project.

 Analysis & Design

One of the biggest challenges a lot of our clients face is transforming business ideas into specific manageable task that can be communicated to developers in a way that allows the developers to produce realistic estimates and develop solutions that meet their customers requirements. CoreWorks specializes in utilizing Aglie methods for both extracting, discovering and specifying project requirements in way that builds bridges between customers and developers, creating a common understanding and safe communication environment to transform the business ideas into a concrete design.


Sitecore development is CoreWorks bread and butter. We have had years of experience developing with Sitecore for both large and small Sitecore installations. Fixing bugs or building modules for existing installations to developing entire sites, we love it.

 Project management

CoreWorks has many years of experience in the role of technical project manager on Sitecore projects.

Team development

CoreWorks is a small company and we have no intention of becoming big but that doesn't mean we are not capable of working on large projects. We spend most of our time working with our partners to develop and lift their own developers so they can themselves develop, maintain and create exciting solutions for their business.

 Sitecore & Code review

If you already have a Sitecore installation and you feel it is not performing optimally why not let us take a look at your set-up and see if we can tweak the set-up of code and get it performing better and help you use your Sitecore platform more effectively.


Having a 24-7 on-line presence can be a challenge. Performance issues, content production issues, occasional errors can be a daily part of life. Let you help you optimize your Sitecore so it is more stable, help your content editors or developers solve their day-to-day challenges or maybe there are a few bugs you need ironing out of the system. GIve a call and we will see if we can give you a hand.


A large part of CoreWorks work on Sitecore is related to helping a partners own people, whether a developer or an editor, become self-sufficient and productive with Sitecore. We can offer short courses in both development and content production to help you make more effective use of the flexible platform Sitecore provides your business.

 Performance issues

As a site grows the effects of poorly designed code can start to show up, causing your site to run less effectively and giving your visitors a bad experience. CoreWorks can help optimize code and tweak your Sitecore to help overcome performance issues.

 Upgrade your Sitecore

Sitecore are always busy working on improvements to their platform so you can create a more effective and productive web presence. Upgrading Sitecore can be a little tricky depending upon the version you currently are using and the version you want to upgrade to. Whether you want to upgrade from Sitecore 5 to Sitecore 6 or just fresh up your existing Sitecore 6 with the latest version, we can help. We have experience back from Sitecore 4 all the way through to the latest version of Sitecore.

 Sitecore Knowledge Base

We publish from time to time, technical articles in our Knowledge Base so if you are looking for an technical information related to Sitecore, then you may be able to find something useful here.


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